5 Massage Therapy Health Benefits


Massage therapy often gets a reputation for being a special treat for every once in awhile at the spa. We believe that massage therapy is an essential element to your body’s complete health. Like most chiropractic care, massage therapy is just as good for preventative care as it is treatment for current health problems. Because chiropractic care is covered by insurance, your massage therapy treatment is just as important to maintain for preventative care as it is for treatment.
Here are five examples of massage therapy health benefits:
Massage therapy increases blood circulation. This allows the body to pump more nutrients, oxygen, and nitric oxide to the skin, major organs, and muscles.
It reduces recovery time, which is something that athletes especially appreciate after intense workouts.
Massage therapy increases joint flexibility. There are many benefits to your overall health by becoming more flexible and stretching consistently.
It releases endorphins which are your body’s natural pain killer. Along with relieving stress, and increasing circulation, releasing endorphins is especially important to those who suffer from extra aches and pains, including sever pain like migraines.
Massage therapy benefits expectant mothers. Anxiety, labor times, and the need for medication can be significantly lowered with massage therapy.
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Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net