Chiropractic 3D Spine

Introducing the Chiropractic 3D Spine – What is Out of Alignment Matters


Have you ever wondered what happens when
you are out of alignment?
When you check out this cool little application, you will be pleasantly surprised to notice how chiropractic works for you. (Just click the graphic above)
Did you know that poor circulation in the legs, swollen ankles, and even weakness in the legs can be signs of your L5 Lumbar Vertebrae being out of alignment?
What about bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, and congested lungs being caused by having your T3 Thoracic Vertebrae being out of alignment?
In fact, studies have shown that when adjustments are administered to the correct vertebrae, specific symptom relief is given. Click here:
What is out of alignment?
You know your body best! Have fun at your next visit and let your Doctor know that a specific vertebrae is out!
Once you have determined which vertebrae is the culprit, then call (770) 592-2505 to schedule your appointment.
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