Chiropractic Care for moms with Breech Babies

You may know someone who has used the term ‘Breech Baby’ to describe their growing fetus. This term means that the baby has not made sufficient strides to get itself into the proper position for birthing. Normally, by 32 weeks gestation a baby will turn itself into a head down position with its face to the back of the mother’s pelvis. Babies who do not get into this ideal birth position are referred to as breech. A fetus that has not turned is the cause of much anxiety for the Mother. Though a vaginal birth is possible, most practitioners agree that a C-section is the preferred delivery for a breech baby.
Women wanting a vaginal birth will do just about anything to get that baby to turn; from putting frozen peas on her tummy to very serious and complicated manual turning maneuvers by an Obstetrician. One other method of turning a breech baby is little heard of but found to be very successful.
A very special series of adjustments to the spine, called Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique have been used by Chiropractors for many years to assist in the correction of these types of pregnancies. This adjustment focuses on the Mother’s pelvis alignment and the uterine ligament laxity. The adjustment does not involve touching or maneuvering the fetus. After the correction is made, the baby is more free to align itself properly for birth. Most babies will turn after 1-3 adjustments using this method. A recent study of 30 expecting Mom’s, 24 with breech babies, showed a 100% turning success rate as confirmed by the birth practitioner.
If you or someone you know has a breech baby please share this article with them or send them to our office to speak to a chiropractor about the Webster Technique.