How Chiropractic Care Helps Relieve Headaches


Every day it seems as if we meet a new client who have suffered from frequent headaches and debilitating migraines. Hundreds of our clients have come to us, looking desperately for a cure to their headaches after traditional medicine has left them empty handed and depending on a long list of medication.
Many clients wonder how chiropractic care can help bring relief from their suffering due to headaches being misdiagnosed and mistreated. This problem is more common than you would think. The thought behind this misconception of pain is that the problem (the headache) is where the pain is.
A patient of ours, Matt, shared with us the details of his experience of headaches before seeking chiropractic care:
My pain was so severe that I had been using 2 different prescription pain medications (Gabapentin, Tramadol, ) as well as a migraine medication (Treximet), an anti-inflammatory (Methylpred) and a prescription for high blood pressure (Diovan HCT).
In case you were not counting, Matt was using a total of four medications just for his headaches. As we have pointed out before, chiropractic care seeks to find the source of the ailment and cure the problem; not dull the pain like most modern medicine. Chiropractors also specialize in treating tension headaches. By correcting the problem at the source, chiropractors are able to treat an ailment that lasts beyond the numbing affects of medication.
Research has shown that not all headaches originate in the head. They happen to come from neck injuries (from long ago or recent,) muscle tension, or misaligned discs. These types of headaches require realignment and adjusting of the spine. Coupled with massage therapy and a nutritious diet, you can experience pain relief and results like our patient, Matt:
After following Dr. Jenn’s recommendations for chiropractic care, massage and dietary changes I have been able to reduce all of my medication and am currently only taking my medication for high blood pressure. I have more energy now, enjoy greater flexibility and range of motion. After 6 months of chiropractic care I am headache free, 20 pounds lighter and am eating a healthier diet. – Matt’s Testimonial
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