How To Fix A Stiff Neck


We have all had those days that seem to be off to a bad start the minute that we roll out of bed due to a stiff neck. Sometimes they go away with a little bit of time and a ho morning shower, and other times they seem to last for days. While some neck problems may stem from a herniated disc or sports strains, typically the main culprit for our morning pain is how we sleep.
When clients come into our chiropractic office, we often diagnose the real source of their pain coming from the way they sleep and the way they sit at their desk. Here are a few ways that you can fix them today:
Sleep Position: When you are sleeping, is your neck turned sideways to your body? Is your neck scrunched into your shoulder? These are almost always guaranteed problem positions that lead to your neck pain. Your head an shoulders must be in alignment when you are sleeping. Try adjusting your initial sleep position and invest in a quality pillow that will support your head and shoulders. Ask your chiropractor for pillow suggestions.
Desk and Computer Position: You have probably heard before that our increasingly computer dependent lifestyles are altering our overall health before, but have never been offered real solutions. Yes, you should stand up often, stretch, and take a lap around the office. You also need to check to see if your neck is straining forward while at your desk. First, sit up straight in your chair and reach your hand out towards the monitor. If your fingers cannot touch the monitor, then you are sitting too far away from your computer and leaning your neck slightly forward. The time straining forward adds up to some real pain later on in your day. While you’re at it, check the rest of your computer desk setup too!
Try making these easy changes to increase your overall health. If you have any questions, be sure to ask your chiropractor for suggestions or solutions to your stiff neck pain.
On the next post, we will cover how to relieve your neck pain at home.