Marathons and Chiropractic Care

Have you resolved to make 2012 the year you participate in a marathon? Here’s what you need to know to make sure you’re in the best care before you hitting the pavement.

Many serious runners have learned to turn to chiropractors to assist them through their rigorous training schedules. Runners often complain that their knees ache, their pelvis feels unstable, they feel as if they have one longer leg, and their IT bands are tight.
The first step to making sure you are healthy enough to participate in a half or full marathon is to protect your posture. The average runner takes thousands of steps per day during a run and many more during their race day. Making sure the pelvis is level, the spine is aligned and that the knees and ankles have proper joint alignment is essential for everyone who sets out for such an overwhelming task.
Why is spinal alignment so imperative to a marathon runner? When your joints have proper range of motion, they are able to function at their highest level. This leads to running at peak efficiency, which is essential for someone putting in numerous miles on foot. When a person has an unlevel pelvis, they are prone to running injuries such as facet syndrome, low back pain, premature joint degeneration, and muscle strain and ligament sprain.
Contact us at Ribley Family Chiropractic to find out more information about spinal alignment and proper pelvic care before you set out to complete your marathons this year. Oh, and happy running!