Out With The Pollen In With The Pollen

Though it came early, it will be leaving it’s impression on us a lot longer than we suspected. As we say a fond goodbye to the tree pollen, we must settle in for the arrival of grass pollen. Grass pollen, like most seasonal allergens will be affected by temperature, amount of rain and wind. One of the biggest culprits for grass pollen in the air is Bermuda grass. Those who live in Woodstock, Georgia know there is certainly no shortage of Bermuda grass. If your eyelids are the size of marshmallows then you need to follow these tips:
Tips to avoid pollen:
-Stay indoors in the early morning hours of 5-10am when pollen is ‘on the fly’ in highest numbers.
-If the weather permits turn off your attic fan to reduce the number of spores circulating in your home.
-Don’t underestimate the ‘Power of the Pooch’ to bring the pollen indoors. Dogs (and cats) carry pollen in on their fur and then jump all over your couch -and bed, depositing those invisible spores.
Tips to support your fight against allergens:
-Drink lots of water.
-Supplement with Vitamin C and Omega 3’s and a good Probiotic.
-Eat soup to keep your nasal passages and mucus membranes clear.
-Keep your immune system fine-tuned and your spine well-adjusted.
We should expect a rise in grass pollen over the next couple days to remain high for at least another 3-4 weeks. Good luck!