Write ? Yes Its Real

When Wii’s hit the store back in 2007 they were a real hit. Along with the soar or Wii’s came a soar in Wii injuries from the repetitive motion of the game, commonly referred to as Wii-itis. Yes, you read that correctly. Sad but true. What ever happened to good ole’ hide and go seek?
Kids, at an average age of 16, are showing up to chiropractic offices all over the country with repetitive motion strains from their Wii. Some of the Wii-itis symptoms include: spinal pain, spinal joint dysfunction and shoulder pain. Additionally, these injuries are causing the spine to misalign and are creating more problems.
Research was shown that those children who visited a chiropractor with these symptoms left with all their complaints resolved after just the first visit. Kids and parents agree that chiropractic care is an excellent drug free approach for children.
Wii can’t be the only one guilty of creating such pain. Many teens have also come into chiropractors because of too much time in front of the computer or too much time texting (texting tendonitis).


The best way to prevent Wii-itis is moderation. It will be very tempting to play your Wii non-stop once you first get it, but use in moderation and you should be ok. If your pain starts to get too intolerable head on over to your local chiropractor for a chiropractic adjustment.
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